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eMAX identifies contacts and serves custodians of records to obtain the records you need. Whether uploaded directly to your legal case management software or hand delivered we retrieve your records quickly and efficiently.

Clients may request subpoenas through their case management software online through our website by email or by fax. eMAX takes care of the entire subpoena process – from serving the subpoena to delivering records – with total support and status updates throughout the process. Our software innovations and team of experts streamline the subpoena process with increased efficiency and accuracy. Fast! Reliable! Compliant!

eMAX clients are able to customize our services to fit their specific needs. Our eMAX case management interface can seamlessly integrate with your current case management software. This enables immediate sharing of information eliminates data input errors increases efficiency and cuts down turnaround times.

eMAX also offers a case management system as an addition or replacement for your current system. This program allows the immediate upload and download of information available in multiple formats. The notification feature keeps your legal team informed and updated throughout the case.

eMAX offers instant electronic filing of worker’s compensation forms. Forms and attachments are sent in a single secure transmission enabling faster turnaround times from the department of workers compensation (EAMS).

EDEX allows clients to subscribe to case watch and case retrieval providing all notifications with ease through all devices.

The availability of a rating calculator allows eMAX clients to assess the severity of permanent impairment. With this tool our clients are able to use the whole person impairment rating to determine the permanent disability rating.